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Below you will find an overview of the most interesting available documents and interviews on serial killers. We will also appreciate your video tips that should not miss our attention! Documents are sorted by language - first Czech or Czech dubbed, then English.


Below you will find a list of 57 movies with the theme of serial and mass killers. In all cases, movies are based on reality (movies about serial killers - fiction, find HERE) . Some of these films are almost the reconstruction of real cases and closely follow known facts, others are inspired by real cases very loosely, and rather they could be said to have been built on the motives of the concrete case. The effort was to sort the films according to the degree of eligibility. However, not all of these films have been seen by author of this blog, and therefore, in such cases, he has held a rating on the IMBd. In case you will miss some movie do not hesitate to send us the message and we will be happy to include it in our list.



Star-cast American film by Quentin Tarantino, inter alia, inspired by the murders of the so-called "Manson Family" (2019).


American film about the crimes of the famous American sex serial killer - Ted Bundy. Starring Zack Efron (2019).

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The upcoming film about the Czech serial killer Viktor Kalivoda, who shot three people in 2005 (2020). In cinemas in the first half of 2020.

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A great American television movie faithfully portraying the life and crimes of one of the worst Soviet serial killer – Andrej Cikatilo (1995). (1995). IMDb 7,6.

Well done movie about the crimes of the famous American pedophile serial killer and cannibal of the 1920s - Albert Fish (2007). IMDb 6,0.

An excellent movie about the life of American serial killer Alieen Wuornos, performed by Charlize Theron (2003). IMDb 7,3.

A thrilling American detective movie with a star cast showing murders and searching for a never catched serial killer from San Francisco (2007). IMDb 7,7.

A good movie about one of America's most famous serial killers - Ted Bundy (2002). IMDbD 5,9.

German movie freely inspired by the famous serial killer of the early 20th century - Peter Küerten (1931). IMDb 8,3.

Starred Czechoslovak detective movie on the motives of the murderous mourning of Václav Mrázek who killed seven at least in the 1950s (1966). IMDb 7,1.

An American movie based on case of David Berkowitz, the so-called "Sam's Son", who shot at least 6 people from 1976-1977 (1999). IMDb 6,6.

A Norwegian thriller depicting the fatal day when a Norwegian mass murderer, A. Breivik, killed a total of 77 people in Oslo and Utoya Island (2018). IMDb 7,7.

A documentary movie about an American serial killer of 2 children and several prostitutes, mainly portrayed by an interview with this predator (2008). IMDb 5,7.

An American film, headed by Tony Curtis and Henry Fond, shows a hunting for the serial killer of the so-called "Boston strangler" - Albert de Salvo (1968). IMDb 7,1.

A very good television movie based on the case of the famous American serial killer of 33 young men - John Wayne Gacy. (1992). . IMDb 7,4.

A television movie reconstructing a real search for a serial killer of 11 people from 1957 - Charles Starkweather (1993). IMDb 6,6.

A well-known Czech film, which is a free processing of the case from the 1990's. - the so-called Orlík murders, which entered the history of Czech criminology (2005). IMDb 6,1.

An American film about the so-called "cannibal from Milwaukee" Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer who killed at least 17 young men (2002). IMDb 5,6.

Czech-British movie where Milan Kňažko portrays the German sadistic serial killer of the 1920's - Peter Kürten (2009).   IMDb 6,2.

A movie inspired case of the American serial killer of 33 young men, John Wayne Gacy (2010). IMDb 6,4.

An American film freely inspired by the crime of Charles Starkweather, serial killer, who in 1957 killed 11 people (1973). IMDb 7,9.

An American movie devoted to the case of the never-catched serial killer Jack the Ripper. In the lead role of Johnny Depp as a detective (2001). IMDb 6,8.

British film about the case of John R. Christie, who in 1943-1953 murdered at least eight people in his London house (1971). IMDb 7,6.

An American movie titled The Case of a Famous Serial Killer and necrophiliac of the 1950's - Ed Gein (1974). IMDb 6,5

An American movie about a Canadian couple of serial killers with the names of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo (2006). IMDb 5,5.

An American movie about a serial killers, Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, who in the 1940's. assassinated maybe 20 women (2006). IMDb 6,5.

A Czech movie about the most famous Czechoslovak female mass murderer, Olga Hepnarová, who in 1973 deliberately carried the truck to people - 8 people died and another 12 were injured (2016). IMDb 6,6.

A brutal British biographical movie about one of the most active American serial killers - Henry Lee Lucas (1986). IMDb 7,0.

A Mexican-Colombian film about a mass murderer named Delgado Morales who murdered 29 people in 2007 during a single day in Bogota (2007). IMDb 7,3.

An unconventional, very brutal and disturbing Austrian thriller depicting the raging of a dangerous mass murderer and assassin, Werner Kniesek (1983). IMDb 7,4.

An American movie, faithfully describing the case of a couple of serial killers, Marty Beck and Raymond Fernandez, who in the 1940s. assassinated perhaps 20 women (1969). IMDb 7,1.

A movie about an American serial killer, named Gary Ridgway, who murdered at least 49 women than was captured in 2001. He has escaped for 19 years. (2004). IMDb 6,0.

An American film about a well-known American serial killer, named John Wayne Gacy, who in the 1970's killed 33 young men in his house (2003). IMDb 4,7.

A mysterious film starring Tom Hardy on a series of murders committed by the Soviet serial killer, pedophile and cannibal - Andrei Chikatilo (2015). IMDb 6,5.

A British television movie devoted to the guardianship of a British murderous couple who has at least 10 victims - Fred and Rosemary West (2011). IMDb 7,6.

A movie about crimes and  searching for the American serial killer - Dennis Rader, who has escaped an unbelievable 31 years since his first murder. (2005). IMDb 5,8.

TV movie based on a true story mapping the murders of two serial killers from Los Angeles from 1977-1978 Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono (1989). IMDb 6,1.

A Korean detective film inspired by the real case of at least 10 unresolved murders in South Korea between 1986 and 1991 (2003). IMDb 8,1.

An Italian film is free inspired by the case of a Soviet serial killer, pedophile and cannibal who had at least 53 victims - Andrei Chikatilo (2004). IMDb 6,2.

A new biographical movie mapping teenage age American serial killer of 17 men - Jeffrey Dahmer (2017). IMDb 6,3.

A documentary movie about one of America's most famous serial killers, who has murdered 17 men - Jeffrey Dahmer (1996). IMDb 6,4

A documentary film detailing the circumstances of individual murders by Jeffrey Dahmer (1992). IMDb 8,1.

A bit unconventional documentary about one of the most famous and most perverted serial killer - Albert Fish (2007). IMDb 5,8.

A Korean movie inspired by the case of South Korean serial killer and cannibal - Young-chul Yoo, who killed at least 20 people in 2003 and 2004 - mainly prostitutes (2008). IMDb 7,9.

TV film inspired by American serial killer Randall Woodfield, who between 1979 and 1981 killed up to 18 or more people (2011). IMDb 6,0.

A movie inspired by the case of the often-described US serial killer and necrophil Ed Gein (2000). IMDb 5,6.

A Czech movie inspired by the murders of the late taxi drivers in 2014, led by Czech serial killer of three people - David Virgulák (2016). IMDb 3,0.

A movie inspired by the life of the often-described American serial killer and necrophil Ed Gein (2007). IMDb 3,7.

An American movie inspired by American serial killer and cannibal 17 men - Jeffrey Dahmer (1993). IMDb 5,8.

A biographical movie on the subject of growing up and teasing the famous American serial killer of 17 men - Jeffrey Dahmer (2006). IMDb 4,2.

An episode of the documentary cycle about well-known criminal cases. In this case about the American serial killer - Richard Ramirez (1998). IMDb 7,6.

A Czech film freely inspired crime of the so-called "heparin killer" - Petr Zelenka, who killed at least 7 people (2009). IMDb 6,4.

A documentary film about the dark history of mankind. Among other things, he describes the cases of Andrei Chikatilo, Charles Manson and others (2008). ČSFD 65%

A movie based on the real case of the American serial killer, which has murdered at least 21 boys and young men in 1979-1980 - William Bonin (2010). IMDb 5,5.

An American mysterious horror on the motive of the American serial killer of 33 young men - John Wayne Gacy (2010). IMDb 3,2.

An American thriller about the case of known serial killers - Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole, captured in 1983 (2009). IMDb 4,1.

An American movie. According to reviews and comments, it is probably a nice "waste" that "exploits" the names of the killers (2010). IMDb 2,5.

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